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There are many moving stories on how the VJC has impacted peoples' lives and the ripple effect we have on the community. There is Sam who has participated in years of weekly jam sessions and evolved into a serious jazz drummer and a teacher to others. There's Peter, who decided to move to Brattleboro in part because of the support he felt from our community; and Katherine, a shy student who found a place to thrive in our Youth Jazz Ensemble. There are Riley and Heather, former VJC students who have both gone on to receive Vermont's "New Music Teacher of the Year" awards. There's Franz, who is preparing to release his first album; he uses VJC resources to continue to grow during a gap year between high school and college. Bob T's participation in the VJC big band helped him endure a day job until landing a position as a music teacher, and Bob S—at age 72—continues to bring freshly composed, hand-written charts to the jam sessions. Perhaps most moving is Susan, whose connection with music at the VJC summer workshop formed a bridge to move her through profound grief. Many of us have compelling stories that illustrate how the Jazz Center has served as a tangible resource for positive change in our lives. Perhaps you too have been affected by the Jazz Center's synergy.

One of the world-renowned artists who has observed the VJC community is jazz saxophonist Steve Wilson; his concerts at the VJC have inspired young musicians like Sam and Franz and ignited the rest of us to work even harder. While here at the VJC this September he stated:

[Jazz] is held in high esteem all across the world, it's a uniquely American music and it is representative of all our collective cultures and consciousness… Thanks to the VJC for providing a wonderful vessel to present music and the arts to this community. This is certainly a model that we should have in every city in the United States because a great nation deserves great art… Thank you to the Vermont Jazz Center for keeping this music not only alive, but for keeping it viable and growing and evolving.

We aspire to continue our efforts in keeping this music "growing and evolving," but to do so we need your help. Your donations make up about 40% of our total budget. This year we anticipate a rise in total costs of about 15% due to an increased number of concerts, space improvements and enhanced educational outreach. Please help us flourish so that we can continue to provide an environment that positively affects lives. Together we will set the stage for more stories that reveal the power of jazz and community.

Yours in the music,

Eugene Uman

VJC Director

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